"What you do speaks so loudly, that I cannot hear what you say." Ralph Waldo Emerson


Mark Healey is a quiet professional.


Being humble and working hard are keys to success in any situation, but the importance of these values is greatly amplified in the islands of Hawaii where respect is earned through ones actions. Mark spends each day seeking small improvements and moments of progress in every aspect of his life. Many know him for his big wave, spear fishing and hunting exploits, and rightfully so... his accomplishments in these areas are numerous, impressive, and downright terrifying to the average human. But what attracted us to Mark was his passion for protecting the environments that have provided him with the lifestyle he loves so dearly.

Our common goal is to protect what we love, and we cannot imagine a better partner to help guide our mission. We know that no one can fix all the problems in the world in one day. Instead, it is our shared philosophy that we should focus on fixing the things we can control and improve in our own lives in the hopes we will inspire others to do the same.