Amavara Ambassadors

Bethany Hamilton

        Inspirational Pro Surfer           

"I like to be sun-kissed not sunburnt so I’m so happy to announce my newest partner @AmavaraSkincare as my sunscreen sponsor! This sunscreen is amazing!!! I've tried a ton of different brands out there and stopped looking after I tried Amavara! As a mother who spends much of my time outdoors in the sun with my family, I wanted to make sure I have the best sunscreen on us - a brand who protects us AND the environment we play in. Amavara is a thoughtful brand with kind ingredients and I think it's the best sunscreen out there!"

Kimi Werner

Champion Freediver, Environmentalist

Connect: @kimi_swimmy

"I instantly fell in love with Amavara when I started testing it. I love the way it protects my skin in all elements, and it protects the environment. They got the formula right and even changed their packaging to post-consumer recycled plastic when I told them that a sunscreen this amazing needs to be in environmentally responsible packaging. Despite the time and cost it required to change their packaging, they took my advice because they knew it was the right thing to do. I am proud to be part of nature, and I'm proud to be part of the the Amavara Family"

Rob Machado

Pro Surfer

Connect: @rob_machado

"I am in the water nearly every day and have been searching for the perfect sun protection that can keep up with my active lifestyle and profession, while being truly safe for the environment. A good friend of mine shared her Amavara with me and that day my search was over. There simply isn't a better sunscreen out there that performs like Amavara. It stays on all day long in and out of the water, and doesn't run in my eyes or wipe off onto my wetsuit or rash guard. Bonus: it's transparent so I don't have the usual 'ghost face' I get from other mineral sunscreens."

Chelsea Yamase

Watergirl, Acrobat, Environmentalist

Connect: @chelseakauai  

"Most of my life is spent in the water, it is where I feel most at home. My health and the health of the ocean and the environment are very important to me. When I learned about Amavara, I knew I found the perfect solution for my daily sun protection. Not only does my skin love it, I can venture into the ocean world knowing that I am wearing sunscreen that will not harm the reefs and marine life. I've also been able to simplify my daily routine because the SPF 50 Tinted Lotion makes my skin look so flawless I no longer need to wear makeup."

Perrin James

Professional Photographer & Cinematographer

Connect: @perrinjames

"As a professional underwater photographer and cinematographer I have seen the changes in our underwater world through my lens. I am dedicated to protecting our environment and encouraging others to do the same. I choose to wear Amavara because it not only works better than any other mineral sunscreen I've tried, but they really went the extra mile with their formulation to make sure it is 100% safe for my skin and the environment. I'm proud to be an ambassador and share with others this very simple way to make a difference every day by choosing the right sun protection."

Grant Twiggy Baker

Pro Surfer, 3X Big Wave World Champion

"I’ve been surfing 6 hours a day since I found out about Amavara and have been using the SPF 30 Lotion and SPF 50 Facestick - they work fantastic. No sunburn and my skin feels much better than before when I used other sunscreens.

I am stoked to represent such a great product with its EarthWell Zinc technology, reef-safe, and cruelty free attributes. Thanks to Amavara, my skin is in great shape for my age (46) and almost 40 years of surfing."

MollyAnne Kirk

Pro Surfer & Model

Connect: @mollykirky 

"Honestly, I have tried every sunscreen on the market. I have really sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts so having a product that is protective but also non-irritating is very important to me. I also wanted to use a product that was reef safe and cruelty free. I tried Amavara for the first time at a surf contest in Florida. It was actually the first time my face was protected, and I didn’t wake up the next day with skin issues. I have been using Amavara SPF 50 Tinted lotion every day since and I can honestly say it is the best sunscreen I have ever used. It gets better though! Amavara is reef safe, cruelty free, uses post-consumer recycled plastic packaging AND stays on in the water! As a surfer I am constantly at the beach or in the water, I love using Amavara because it works and it’s safe for me and the ocean."

Guilherme Tamega

6X World Champion Bodyboarder

Connect: @guitamega

"I am outdoors and in the water for hours everyday training. I am a 6x world champion bodyboarder, 3x Shark Island Challenge champion, 2x ISA World Games champion, C&C of Honolulu lifeguard, and 2018 Kona Ironman finisher, which means I spend a ton of time in the sun and ocean and need a sunscreen that performs for me and for the environment I play and train in. Until Amavara, I struggled with other sunscreens that didn't protect my skin for hours at a time through water and sweat. When you compete at the level I do, you have to know that your sunscreen will work under the most extreme conditions, and there's no time to reapply. Amavara is truly the best sunscreen I've ever used. I am proud to be part of such an amazing product that is dedicated to protecting me and my environment. I can put it on once and concentrate on what's important, winning the competition."

Bruce Ayau

Champion & Record Holder - Paddling & Spearfishing

Connect: @bruceayau

"I was born and raised in Hawaii and the ocean is my lifestyle. Surfing, paddling and spearfishing is what I do every day. Being 20x State Champion in Outrigger Paddling, 7x winner Masters Molokai Hoe World Championship, 6x US Nationals Champion Catalina to Newport, 10x Queen Lilo Championship, and holding several spearfishing titles with three state records and one world record, I spend hours daily in the water and relentless sun. Knowing that I need to protect myself, my family, and the ocean, I choose Amavara sunscreen to do the job because it is the most high performance and environmentally safe sunscreen I have ever experienced. As an added bonus, my kids who have always hated wearing most sunscreens actually like wearing Amavara, so I know they're always protected when they're outside doing what they love. "