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Article: Who is Laura Singleton? The Scientist Behind Our Perfect Formula

Who is Laura Singleton? The Scientist Behind Our Perfect Formula

Who is Laura Singleton? The Scientist Behind Our Perfect Formula

What makes Amavara’s formula unique? Most sunscreen companies use an "off the shelf" formula and slap their label on it. At Amavara, we are lucky to have our own personal formulator in the sunscreen game.

A nationally recognized expert in Sun Care and Skincare formulations, Laura Singleton brings over 30 years of extensive expertise in product development to the Amavara family.

She developed several multi-million dollar products while working at a major international beauty company before joining us. A recognized sunscreen expert, Laura is the author of the Global Sun Care Curriculum that enhances formulation expertise and manufacturing processes of emerging scientists.

In an effort to share more about what makes Laura so special to our Amavara family, we sat down with her recently for a Q&A:

Q: Laura, tell us, what is so special about the formula you developed for Amavara?

A: Amavara was developed with the intent to be one of the best, safest, and mildest zinc oxide mineral sunscreen on the market. I designed it to protect the active family, the athlete, and military personnel. For that reason, it was important to me that Amavara offers not only advanced UVA/UVB protections, but protects against environmental aggressors such as UV heat and pollution—all while remaining protective of the environment by being coral reef and aquatic life safe.

In addition to Amavara’s EarthWell Technology, it was important to me that we offer the cosmetic elegance of a skin care line. Our product's superior aesthetics leave no white residue, no tacky or oily feel, and rub in transparent, leaving a smooth, lightweight feel designed to blend with all skin tones. These qualities are very unique for mineral sunscreens. Our tinted sunscreen can be used as daily sun protection in place of, or under, makeup. Today the clean beauty standard has risen to the top, right next to aesthetics. I knew that I needed to exceed the clean beauty standard, which is why Amavara is free of harsh chemicals for our skin, and the environment.

We passed the safety testing on the Sensitive Skin People panel, making us suitable for sensitive, delicate, acne-prone, and irritated skin. We’re even gentle enough for children and babies of six months old.


Q: Why is sunscreen development such a complex process?

A: Sunscreens are complex products to produce. They’re required to undergo extensive US Food and Drug Administration Regulations (FDA) and testing processes.This includes approval on formulation, testing for safety and efficacy, testing for active and microbiological ingredients, manufacturing, shelf life stability, and compatibility with the packaging. It is no small feat to create a unique sunscreen formula. That is why most sunscreen companies lease a formula rather than hiring their own chemist. Because my formula is unique, I have the ability to respond to consumers' needs almost instantaneously, and am constantly upgrading and innovating my formula.


Q: What do you wish everyone knew about sunscreen?

A: If you are not protected daily, the accumulative effect of environmental aggressors can permanently and irreversibly damage your skin - the biggest organ in your body. Skin cancer is a worldwide problem and it is slowly but continuously becoming more common due to ozone layer depletion and increased pollution.


Q: Where is your favorite place to wear Amavara?

A: I wear Amavara daily. At work, the beach, the mountains, while skiing, hiking, or walking⁠—anytime I go outside or am exposed to environmental aggressors (UV damaging sun rays and pollution).

Q: Why do you love working at Amavara?

A: Amavara was the greatest opportunity in my professional career. It paved the way towards the creation of my advanced sun care technology, " EarthWell Zinc". I believe my destiny was to find and help the special people with a fierce passion for making a difference by helping others; those who understand the need to create a superior sunscreen, and appreciate the efficacy and aesthetics required to protect and save with a long term mindset. Why are sunscreen aesthetics so important? Sunscreen aesthetics delight people. Without negative skin reactions (oily, sticky, dry) post application, people will be more willing to protect themselves with high quality sun care technology. 

Amavara products are produced and tested in compliance with essential organizations: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), the standards of the FDA and EWG (Environmental Working Group), to ensure that our brand offers one of the most safe, socially and environmentally responsible mineral sunscreens on the market. It is something we can be very proud of!

We are incredibly fortunate to have Laura as a member of our team. Send us a message via Instagram, Facebook or Email, and let us know what Laura should develop for Amavara next!

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