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Amazing Functionality

My wife and I just spent a week in the baking Sun of Playa del Carmen, Mexico and a week in Hawaii. The Amavara product came highly recommended and didn't disappoint. I like to get sun yet protect my face. The tinted 50 is an unbelievable product. The tint masked the underlying zinc providing for natural skin tone yet maximum protection from the sun. I used the stick under my eyes and on my lips for protection. My face survived literally unaffected after 2 weeks of what historically was unavoidable abuse. Great products with a very affordable price point! 5 STAR!!!

Great for sensitive skin!

I love this product ! My skin is very sensitive to facial sunscreens. This product is non irritating and because I wear the tinted suncreen It doubles as a foundation. Its creamy and lasts all day.

Ultimate water sport protection

As a surfer, I"m always on the hunt for the best, most durable sunscreen that will stay on through a session and keep the reef safe. The hunt is over. This is by far the best, most reliable and reef safe sunscreen I've ever used.

SPF 50 Tinted Limited Edition Summer Memorial Protection </br> with EarthWell Zinc Technology

spf lotion 30 zinc

this product rubs in easy and works great

Best mineral sunscreen I've found so far.

I have been trying to find a 50spf mineral sunscreen without a white cast and I have finally found it (after going through MANY other brands). Having said that, it isn't perfect. It feels kinda heavy on, like a thick foundation, and it does look a bit greasy. The color of the tint is a little dark for me, but if I mix it with a little of another mineral sunscreen with a white cast, it looks fine. Overall, I'm happy with it and have been wearing it everyday. The bottles are small and I've already bought a second bottle

Arrived fast, fantastic smell and feeling, lasts 2+hr in good surf

I'm an Amavara convert now- the zinc paste goes on easily and leaves your skin feeling really smooth. Has a yummy oatmeal-like smell that isn't too strong so it never gets old- and stays on through 2+hr in the water but still washes off well with face wash. Also delivered to my place in Miyazaki Japan lightening fast- so they know how to handle international shipping. Thank you!!

Amavara is the best sunscreen around.

I’m not one that wears a lot of sunscreen but, after using this stuff it works really great and rubs in easily . It’s my go to product every day. Keep up the great work Amavara!

love love!

It feels comfortable on face. I wear sungalss all the time and I am impressed that the sunscreen does not leave marks on my face!

Easy to glide on

Easy to glide on. just a slight white cast which disappears after a few minutes. I have not tested it in water but this is good for every day use!

Great for surfing

Best sunscreen for surfing. Hard to take off but that’s what you want when your in the water for a couple hours.

Great product!

Been using this product for a year now , and I just love it, bought one for my gf too! ((((v))))

SPF 30 LOTION </br> WITH EarthWell Zinc Technology

SPF 50 FACESTICK </br> with EarthWell Zinc Technology


This is the best sunscreen out there! It has only one ingredient, and it’s a mineral. It doesn’t get any better for our kids and our reef! Bravo Amavara 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Love it!

This is the best mineral sunscreen I’ve ever used. It blends in so easily and a little goes a long way. Doesn’t leave you looking white and chalky.

Best sunscreen!

I really like how well this sunscreen goes on, stays on, works and is environmentally friendly!

Best Sunscreen

I really like the way both or these sunscreens go on. It covers and protects well. I also like the color of the Face sunscreen. It blends great into my complexion.

Perfect Sunscreen!

This product is great! Just a little goes a long way and it doesn’t leave your skin greasy, slick or making you look like a mime.

SPF 50 Tinted Lotion with EarthWell Zinc Technology
best sunscreen for ocean

favorite sunscreen to use out surfing! stays on, protects and blends my skin well.

SPF 50 Tinted Lotion with EarthWell Zinc Technology
Joy N.
Great sunscreen

Goes on smooth and works great for our surfing family

SPF 50 Tinted Lotion with EarthWell Zinc Technology

Love this spf for my face. Goes on smooth and the tint is flattering. Also, works well under makeup - almost as a primer.