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Perfect sunscreen

I could not have find a better sunscreen. It dries perfectly on the face and sits under make up like a pro. I live in sofl so it's hot and muggy. This works perfectly.

SPF 50 tinted face cream

Initially it feels heavy and gray color but after applying it, it goes on mat and not heavy.

Great sunscreen, great makeup!

This is a great product and the tint is undetectable, blending with many skin shades. I love it!

SPF 50 FACESTICK with EarthWell Zinc Technology

Best Sunscreen I’ve Tried

Hi. I’m currently serving as an instructor in a beach lifeguard Academy and previous to that I was a beach lifeguard for six years in San Diego Needless to say I’ve tried my share of sunscreens.

In terms of reliability, adhesiveness and blending into your skin this is hands-down the best sunscreen I’ve ever tried. The fact that it’s ocean and reef safe is a great bonus but as with all sunscreens it’s the protection that’s paramount and your product more than achieves that objective!

Thank you for making such an outstanding product that protects our skin while simultaneously let’s us enjoy being outside in and out of the water. 😎

Pale skin stays safe

I really love this natural sunscreen. I'm a pale sensitive-skin person and have tried various natural sunscreens in an effort to get away from the chemical and toxic sunscreens available. But this sunscreen went on easy, keep me from burning, and didn't irritate my sensitive skin!

Best sunscreen pack I've tried so far

Recently became a huge fan of Amavara and their sunscreens. Their mission, ingredients, and cosmetic elegance of their sunscreens have won me over. All of their sunscreens blend in easily. The sunstick is easy to bring along during travel and eases reapplication, I don't use makeup so it's as easy as uncapping the product and applying to areas that need a touchup of SPF. I prefer to use the tinted sunscreen for my face as I'm more of a medium tone and it blends in well and doesn't leave me with the dreaded white cast. I prefer to use the SPF 30 non-tinted sunscreen for my body as I feel it is less noticeable compared to if I had put it on my face. Make sure to prime the pumps properly with their instructions or there will be some difficulty getting the product out of the tube. The only con that I have is that I wish they had not included fragrance in their formulation. It does not have a strong or unpleasant smell, I just prefer not to have fragrance in skincare as it does not have any added benefit to the skin.

Try it and you will be hooked!

I grew up in Hawaii so I know a little something about sunscreens. I have probably tried every reef safe sunscreen on the market. Let me List why I love this stuff!!! For starters it actually works! It doesn’t leave you looking like you smeared white paint over yourself. It can be worn while working out and it stays on and doesn’t burn your eyes (I’m a sweater so this was huge for me). It doesn’t smell funny, it really doesn’t smell like anything. My two year old will let me put it on her without a fuss!!! It’s safe for the reef and you. No cancer causing ingredients here. Portable size. Tinted version evens out skin complexion. Supporting a small business feels good and is good! I’m hooked! Just placed my second order for gifts for family and friends. Thank you Amavara!!

Face + Body SPF 50 Duo with EarthWell Zinc Technology

Love It

Really like this sunscreen. Not greasy, sticky or smelly. And it doesn't take much to provide good coverage.

Love this product

I use the facestick for biking and playing pickleball. The coverage is awesome. Will never use a lotion based sunscreen for my face again.

The greatest

I used this multiple ones already and it’s better than any of my other sunscreens. I threw the others away. I’m a lifetime user now! Thank you

Almost there

I waited a bit to give this review after giving it some time and testing it in travel.
I'll keep it short. I bought the face stick, and two tubes, tinted and non. Overall the protection seems good. The face stick seems WAY TOO SMALL for the price and how much you need to apply. Also I find it sandy feeling at the same time oily. For the tubes. The pump is terrible... Yes I use it upsie down as directed. Not to mention barely any comes out (both tubes), if you are using this tube on your body, you will be doing a lot of pumping and it will take a lot to get coverage to properly protect your body. For the price point I can't see this as a logical buy for the amount of product. This too is also a bit oily. It id work great even in the El Salvador Sun while surfing.

Great Sunblock!

This lotion worked great! I have very sensitive skin- chemical sunscreens often cause my to break out in hives, so I choose Amavara knowing I wouldn't have this issue. I used this lotion recently for an early season, full 8 hour day at the beach, with plenty of dips in the ocean and a long swim. Was very satisfied that I finished the day with no sunburn.

Great products

Tint is a good color for me and absorbs well.

Best sunscreen!

Having a zinc that rubs in clear is amazing! Even our “super sensitive redhead” loves it and let’s us put it on his face without any issues! We will definitely be purchasing again!!

Kids Pick

We discovered this wonderful product because Amavara sponsored Hawaiis Jr Lifeguard program. Since then, my 13yo HAS to have it for those LOOOONG Hawaii beach/pool days. It protects her all year long. Her fave is the facestick because it’s easy to apply, rubs in clean, and doesn’t run into her eyes. Even though I asked her to use it at the beach only because it’s reef-safe and a little pricey, she uses it on the field and court...anytime she’s outside.

Great stuff!

The face stick goes on easy and works well. I was surprised how small the stick was though.
I like the sunscreen cream after it’s rubbed in.
I like the push button dispenser too. It’s friendly for ocean life, particularly the coral & for my skin. So far it seems like a quality product. I would purchase it again.

I like it....

I like the sunscreen... it’s a 50 spf which it great. The only negative I have is that the sun stick is a bit “grainy “ and doesn’t wash off easily in the shower, otherwise it DOES work! I will be ordering again in the future....

Best sunscreen around!

So excited to find a sunscreen safe for kids and the environment! My daughter has NEVER gotten sunburn with this on and only have to apply once. We are outside almost every day and at the beach/boat religiously. A little goes a long way. Highly recommend!

Sunscreen lotion SPF30

I like the sunscreen because of the good ingredients and I know what I’m putting on my skin is safe and good to use for my whole family. It does have a funky scent but I can deal with it. And it doesn’t spread to easily but I don’t mind that also. It’s a bit hard to put all over body. Face is easier. But if it’s safe for me and the environment then it’s worth it for me.

The Overly Protective Pack (SPF 30, 50) with EarthWell Zinc Technology


This product works great! When you first put it on your skin, it's the same color as the stick, but once you rub it in it becomes clear. It does a great job of protecting my skin for the full duration of my surf seshes. Will definitely buy again when I run out of my current stick!

Great company and product !

Incredible product, pricing and company

SPF 50 FACESTICK with EarthWell Zinc Technology