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The Best My Skin Has Ever Looked.

I've been using Amavara for the past two years religiously. My skin has cleared up, my hyperpigmentation is gone, I never get a sunburn, and people are always asking me what I do to get my skin to look so good. If I had to give up everything in my routine except for one thing, it would be Amavara. I can work out, be outside all day, go for a dip in the ocean without any fear it will come off, sting my eyes, look greasy, break me out. The Bodystick is my new favorite product for the larger surface areas that I can get lazy about protecting. There is no spillage, no greasiness, no smell. The beside work out or beachside companion for me.

Better than expected

Being a fair skinned lady with cool/neutral undertones, finding a tinted sunscreen has been years of challenges. Also, I am 38 with combination skin and have 3 or 4 pimples from time to time. This sunscreen matches perfectly to my skin tone. For reference of color, my make up that I have used in the past and present are Pat McGrath Labs L6, Face Atilier 1.5, and Glossier G11.
When the sunscreen comes out of the tube it is a bit sticky, but once it's warmed as you rub it in then it goes one well. It really sticks on my skin, no rubbing off so easily like others. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to test it in full sun because it is winter here.

Great sunscreen

Great product. Easy to put on and in a really convenient package.

Use it as makeup sometimes

By far the best face sunscreen I've ever used. I have super acne prone, sensitive skin and use this every day. My skin is dry so I apply it with moisturizer to help it rub in easier. I love how reliable it is for sun protection AND does a beautiful job of invisibility evening out my skin tone. I've even used it for make-up because its just such an undetectable, natural enhancement of my skin. I have a very pale complexion and it doesn't look too dark on me. ALSO, when my friend who's got significantly darker skin uses it, it doesn't look too light or gray on her. Its more than worth the money.

New fave

I recently found this brand in the past few months and I love everything about it. Very subtle smell, nice texture. In love with the fact that it’s a clean, environmentally responsible brand. Only thing I will complain about is the size of the product, it is on the smaller size. I will continue to buy because of the quality and what the brand stands for.

Excellent product

As a 67 year old water girl - surfer and swimmer - this is by far the best product I’ve ever tried! It not only blocks burning rays the best but is incredibly easy on my sensitive skin. I have shared it with several of my wahini friends. An added bonus is that it’s reef friendly. So happy I discovered it!

The Amavara Family Bundle
Katherine W.

Very happy with my sunscreen! Best sunscreen that works with my skin!!

The Amavara Family Bundle
David C.

Customs will not allow my teeth whitener into the country.

Great for sun-filled hiking days!

I’m using the tinted sunscreen at a fitness hiking resort in Utah where the sun is strong!. I LOVE Amavara sunscreen! Truly the best I've ever used!

Waiting to use this Great Product Again

We have used Amavara in the hot Caribbean sun. It works so well. No sunburn. It gives us peace of mind that it it doesn’t harm the coral that we enjoy swimming around.

G Baker

The best sun block

This is the best sun block I ever use in my life, great protection for surf and water sports.

Feels great on skin

Unlike many other zinc products I've tried, this one feels great to apply to my face. It's not greasy and stays on while swimming.

Juan A.


great for acne prone

Great for acne prone skin. Purchased about a dozen different natural & chemical sunscreens and this and another one (100% titanium dioxide) were the only ones that didn't break me out. Every single chemical sunscreens I tried broke me out.
I only wish Amavara would experiment making the same product in more shades.

Great face sunscreen for any occasion

This is a great tinted face SPF! I love the color, texture. I have oily skin and it is better for dry skin but still usable. Makes your skin look glowy and more even. Good for looking good at the beach/pool, and for everyday makeup looks or au natural folks. Smells good. Moisturizing. I try many face sunscreens and tinted moisturizers that suck. This one is great.

Love it

Love this product! It’s natural and goes on super clean and smooth


Best sunblock!

SPF 50 Tinted Lotion </br> with EarthWell Zinc Technology

Love for daily use

Great product. Finally found something that’s smooth and I can feel the protection .. and is really reef safe.

Love the tinted one!

This my third tube. Will buy more!

Good good

Works well keeps in the water

Great product

I really like this sunscreen. I basically use it as a foundation, it has medium to full coverage and I haven’t been sunburnt once since wearing it. This will be the only sunscreen I use on my face moving forward.

Best sunscreen on the market!

Best sunscreen on the market!

good stuff

Best Sunscreen EVER.

I love this stuff for surfing everyday and more.