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Love it!

At first, the cream goes on white. But then it disappears and blends in with your skin a few minutes later! One of the first non chemical sunscreens I’ve found that actually doesn’t make me look like a ghost!


Just tried it for the first time and it blends well. Was just wondering if I’m suppose to apply a moisturizer under it.

Aloha I have actually been waiting for my order 😞 I still have not received it

SPF 50 Tinted Lotion
with EarthWell Zinc Technology


I love your product. I use the tinted sunscreen lotion daily on my face. I’m on vacation and I am using the suntan lotion! A great product! No burns for me!

Best sunscreen yet!

Unlike all other sunscreens I've ever tried, Amavara doesn't irritate my skin, blends well and leaves the skin smooth, soft, even and matte. I do not love the tinted aspect of it because it can get on your clothes, but overall I am happy with my purchase. (When using, less is best!)


For those of you who don't like the smell of traditional SPF or the greasy feel, this is for you. It is thick but smooths out perfectly. I use it as my foundation now. It adds just enough cover to even out my skin tone and my concealer blends wonderfully into it. I was also able to do full glam on top of it. Another day it lasted from 6 in the morning well into the late afternoon without reapplying, keeping me from getting burned; I'm a pasty white girl that burns, not tans. This is my new holy grail!

Great for my outdoors lifestyle

I work on the water 5-7 days/week and am so happy with my Amavara facestick and tinted sunscreen. It stays on for over an hour, i havent been sunburnt on my shoulders/back since, and the facestick doesn tmake me breakout! I recommend it to everyone that doesnt want the greasyness of other mineral based sunscreens or the heavy white tint you usually get.

Great product!

I have been using the Amavara tinted sunscreen for about a week now and I love it! The texture is a bit tacky when first applied, but it smooths out evenly and the tint blends in nicely with my skin tone. It has a semi-matte finish on my skin texture and provides just enough moisture that I don't need anything else! Hasn't made my skin break out at all. Love it so far!

The Overly Protective Pack (SPF 30, 50)
with EarthWell Zinc Technology

Great Product for the fairest skinned crew on the beach.

The face stick worked really well! It doesn’t feel at all uncomfortable in or out of the water. We swam and snorkeled for hours and even reapplied to wet skin. We will definitely be using the Amavara face stick when surfing also.

Love it!

The tinted SPF feels amazing on the face and looks it too. I have tried other tinted moisturizers and SPFs but they have looks oily, greasy, or just bad. This looks and feel wonderful.

Good Product, packaging needs an upgrade

The lotion worked great although it is really best just for facial areas as it is difficult to spread on limbs. The pump stopped working altogether after one day on vacation and we always kept the cap on to prevent issues. We had to pry the entire top off to get the lotion out and then it would not snap back on. Ditch the pump and use what has been working for sunscreen brands for years.

New Sunscreen

Stuff feels creamy going on it really blocks the rays. I'm in the water for hours and it stays on and working continuously. my new go to bye bye shishedo

The best sunscreen on the market

I love this product in general but especially when playing beach volleyball - it has a powdery finish, so sand doesn’t stick to my skin unlike other sunscreens

I wear this under my makeup

I replaced my primer with Amavara and like it soooo much better. It looks beautiful on, and I love that I don't have to worry about harmful chemicals.

Love this stuff

Finally a mineral sunscreen that doesn't make me look like a ghost! This is the only sunscreen I wear. Word to the wise... a little goes a long way.

Great Product

Love this sunscreen and as an avid surfer, i need a product that will stay on and not be harmful to the ocean. #1 recommended


Super awesome for sensitive skin! I use it before applying make up to ensure extra sun protection and I absolutely love it! Will definitely be buying again!

Love the tinted Amavera

This sunscreen is so great. Love the tinted spf50. It feels so smooth and soft on my skin. I am using it like a summer makeup foundation for my face

best sunblock

best sunblock ive have ever used


Amavara is by far my new favorite sunscreen. I always use natural, reef friendly products, but they aren't always the best on the skin. Amavara goes on smooth and silky and dries perfectly, so it doesn't wipe off or feel greasy. I am so glad to have found it! And yes, I am ready to re-order and stock up so I don't ever run out.

Good stuff

Nice to find a sunscreen that works, is reef safe, and doesn’t burn your eyes when you sweat.

Love Love Love the Amavara Tinted SPF 50 lotion

I can honestly say this is my every single day sunscreen/lotion. I absolutely love it and actually will order another tube today. Thank you Amavara!