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Love it!

Good for the environment
Good for your skin
Local SD company
=No brainer

Good Product, Package Difficult

I really like the product. Just had an issue with the pump lid. I could not get anything out of it, so I attempted to remove the pump lid, looking for a cover. There was no cover and now I cannot get the pump lid snapped back on. The tube lives in a plastic bag now, but I still use it every weekend when cycling.

The best

Best sunscreen I ever used

rubs in well!

Unlike other zinc sunscreens I have tried, AMAVARA rubs in well and been a great investment for adventures in the ocean and mountains of Santa Barbara!

Best Sunscreen ever

Have been using this all summer long and it’s the best sunscreen I have ever used.

A great product at a good price point .

This is a much needed product for sun protection and it works as well or better than many products on the market . It blends well with any skin tone and has a soft matte finish .

Not what I expected.

The bottle was quite smaller for the price and the lotion was quite thicker than what I expected. The lotion was hard to spread on my skin.

transparent sunblock

I like your product very much, but still wish it was completely clear on the skin.
I suggested it to one of my "pool friends" who has very sensitive skin .

Best sunscreen ever!

I am 57 years old and this is the best, most effective sunscreen I have ever used! Don't trust your health, you babies, or your looks to the inferior sunscreens that flood the market. This is true sun blocking technology without chemicals. Protect your skin and your health, protect your babies and protect our beautiful planet...try Amavara!!

Face + Body Duo with EarthWell Zinc Technology

Never changing sunscreens again!

I've tried multiple sunscreens throughout my life and none seemed to work well. Growing up I would tan easily and no product helped me to prevent the darkness. Now that my daughter has the same skin type as me I try to find the best product available for her. I decided to try out Amavara to see if it really works that well and I was impressed! My daughter has not been coming home from school with a dark tan and I am so happy. If you are in the market to find a great sun protector then buy one (2 while you're at it!) right now. I am so grateful that someone has made such a wonderful product.

Love it!

I am an avid outdoor enthusiast as well as very fair skinned and prone to skin cancer. Also there is some ingredient in non-mineral sunscreen that makes my eyes water and swell up. So to say I've had a tough time finding a good dependable MINERAL sunscreen is an UNDERSTATEMENT! I have bought so many sunscreens to try...from the cheap mineral sunscreens you can buy at Target, to a $100+ European mineral sunscreen. I have tried EVERYTHING! I have wasted SO much money!
Either the sunscreens were a weird consistency, made me TOO white, melted off when I got sweaty, the list goes on and on....I came across an Amavara ad on FB and decided to give it a try. I am pleasantly surprised. I've worn it once while running in over 100 degree weather (in TX humidity) and one time Mtn biking in the same weather conditions. Usually I apply a few layers over a 20 min or so time to make sure I am completely covered before I go out. But in both of these instances I did one coat. I was out for 1 hour running, and 3 hours mtn biking. This sunscreen did not sweat off (hallelujah!!!) and I didn't get sunburned! (woo hoo!!!) what also was SOOOO awesome is that I bought the tinted version so I didn't look like a ghost on either of these occasions! (Yay!!) I am a fan! I am going mtn biking at Winterpark this coming up week and I can't wait to put it to the test! Thank you Amavara! I am off to your site in a second to order some more bottles!

Not wearable unfortunately

For anyone with skin tones lighter than NC25, the tinted higher protection version is too dark and also oxidizes orange. It also does not dry down (not matte on my combination skin) and transfers (including to clothes). It does spread quite well, but unfortunately I can't wear this. Will try mixing with a white sunscreen to see if that helps. Would prefer an untinted version of spf 50. Mixing with the spf 30 would probably dilue efficacy. Lastly, I would really like to know the UVA protection on this sunscreen, as that is much more deadly than UVB and is constant year round.

Love the product

The smell is great, it goes on more easily that traditional zinc, and did a great job in protecting my skin! My fiance appreciates the tinted option for his dark skin.

Quality Product

The product works as advertised. The distribution systems may need some improvement, however I can say the solution is a hands down winner.

One Small Adjustment

Hi. I’ve tried the product and absolutely love it. My only criticism is the pump container it comes in. Sometimes it’s very hard to pump out the sunscreen. The pump doesn’t work that well or at least it doesn’t work well for me.

Thank you

The best face stick!

Love the face stick to keep my money maker covered!

Fabulous product

Your tinted mineral sunscreen SPF 50 works great. No sunburn!

Great, seamless tinted sunscreen

This is really great sunscreen, it looks a bit dark coming out but doesn't end up showing on my fair/light skin. Oddly, it does seem to give a little bit of coverage as well in that it blurs dark circles and the like without looking like make up. It holds up well, though I haven't gone swimming in it, I have sweated a lot. Highly recommend to sunscreen freaks out there! By the way, it annoys me that the review request defaults to 5 stars, but I would give it that.

This product feels great on your skin

I love that this product feels so great on your skin and does not clog your pores. I use the tinted sunscreen instead of foundation and the coverage is just as good if not better. I love the sunscreen facestick that is so easy to carry in my bike bag for use on longer rides.

Best sunscreen we have ever used

Just got back from vacation in Northern Wisconsin and used the Amavara products for the first time with the family. Ages 1-61 and the products were great easy to apply, no crazy mess and good for the environment. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Too expensive for so little return

The only great thing about this is that it rubs in clear. You can get zinc sticks and zinc oxide for far less money anywhere. This product is good, but definitely not worth the high price and small tube ~ 30 SPF.

No tears

We used this on the whole family and no tears or stinging eyes. Thank you!

Holds up in water. Not sure if all the chemicals are ok?...

Holds up in water but lots of chemicals in mix. Not sure if they are ok?...