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This is the best sunscreen I’ve ever used. It is the only sunscreen that doesn’t make my skin break out. It is just perfect. Please never change the formula or go out of business.:)

SPF 50 Tinted Lotion </br> with EarthWell Zinc Technology

Still Trying to figure it out

So at first I have to say I did not love it. It seemed to make my skin flaky. I do have other skin issues so I cant say that this is the problem but it does make the dry skin show up more. I have found that applying jojoba oil prior to the sunscreen helps it to spread better. It blends in very well and leaves skin feeling soft. Still trying to figure out other skin issues before I can say for sure if this will be my go to sunscreen. I can say that I am very hopeful that this will be the last sunscreen company I will buy from.

Best Sunscreen of All Time

I have been an avid sunscreen user my whole life and tried every brand under the sun - and Amavara is the best there is. Protects really well, rubs into my skin nicely and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and a major differentiator for me compared to other sunscreens is that it doesn't irate my skin (zero stinging and no acne aftermath etc.).

Great ingredients, no burn

My husband is out door every day and this has been the best sunblock for his face, he says it works better then all the others we've tried and its the only one that doesn't burn when he sweats

SPF50 Facestick

Love Amavara sunscreen products! I use the facestick on my kiddos, we live in Hawaii and need the protection. I use it at the beach and my kiddos never get burnt. Just remember to re-apply!


This product is perfect, it feels good in my skin.

Awesome sunscreen

Best sunscreen for surfing!

The best sunblock for surfing!

I love this sunblock, it works really well! I have sensitive skin and this sunblock is perfect for my skin. I love that it stays on in the water, offers solid protection from the sun and is reef safe.

Fast shipping

Flawless shipping and very lightweight formula.

Love it!

So lightweight and breathable. Not sticky or oily at all

SPF 50 2.4oz Tinted Lotion
Tinted pump sunscreen

The tinted sunscreen is the best I’ve tried. I enjoy that it’s a physical sunscreen with non nano zinc oxide, tinted, high spf, and non-Comedogenic. I would love it if Amavara would not discontinue the larger size pump version but I did stock up.

I found it! :D

A few months ago I begun searching for what would be the perfect sunscreen for me and after trying some, I have to say this sunscreen checks everything I was looking for: water and sweat proof, non comedogenic, gentle for the eyes, spf 50, suited for oily skin, mineral, reef safe and doesn't make you look like a ghost; when I aply it, at first it looks a little deeper than my skin color but after a while it matches it perfectly, it even helps disimulate my imperfections a little bit, and overall gives me a "set" look, as if I have powder on my face, for someone that's not too into makeup that's a plus. I've been buying for my family and friends and I'm definitely hooked, it set the bar way too high for other sunscreens.

SPF 50 2.4oz Tinted Lotion

I love this sunscreen. This is my 3rd re-purchase, and I plan to keep buying each time I run out.

SPF 50 2.4oz Tinted Lotion

I switched to AMVARA products last Summer. It’s the best Sunscreen I’ve used. As a lifelong surfer with skin cancer, I trust AMVARA Sunscreen to protect me!

Great product!

I wear this during every outdoor workout and every time I jump in the ocean. It doesn’t leave any bad residue and goes on nice. Highly recommend especially with the beneficial advantage on the environment compared to other sun screen types

Great Scott it’s sunscreen!

Smells and feels great.

SPF 50 2.4oz Tinted Lotion

SPF 50 2.4oz Tinted Lotion

SPF 50 2.4oz Tinted Lotion
Only Sunscreen That Doesn’t Irritate

I’ve been on the hunt for a good sunscreen. I tend to have weird reactions to sunscreens that cause bumps all over my face but not with this one!! I’m so happy this sunscreen protects me which also giving me a perfect no makeup look. The zinc smell isn’t overpowering and it doesn’t cause any burning or irritation!

I recommend it

With a dime size amount it covers all my face. It's thick and you need to even it out or it'll look pasty. I like not feeling that I am wearing sunscreen throughout the day. I definitely recommend it for anyone with oily skin.

great product....use it every day.

SPF 50 2.4oz Tinted Lotion
Great product!

Great product and excellent customer service. Sunscreen blends well without feeling oily. Stick is convenient to have for touch up. I use both when surfing and absolutely love it.

SPF 50 2.4oz Tinted Lotion
I love sunscreen

This sunscreen is great for my sensitive skin. I wear it in the ocean and it protects me for awhile. It also makes my skin look nice due to the tint.

Simply the best

The SPF 30 Earthwell Zinc lotion is simply the best sunscreen on the market. It goes on clear and STAYS on all day. If you're in the sun, you need this product.

Amavara SPF30

Great product!