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Amavara sunscreen

Love it! Very effective!

SPF 50 Tinted Lotion </br> with EarthWell Zinc Technology

SPF 50 Tinted Lotion </br> with EarthWell Zinc Technology

SPF 50 Tinted Lotion with EarthWell Zinc Technology

This is my third one this year. Love them. Will try the non-tinted version too.

Reef Safe Sunscreen that works well!

Amavara is one of the few sunscreens I use

Love it!

Love this stuff, wear it everyday weather I surf or not!

Awesome sunscreen

This is the best sunscreen for my face. It feels good, looks good and does not let any sun in. I use it for both land and water sports. No chemicals, no oily film, no irritants, all good. Bought extra to give as gifts.

Amazing product!

I bought this amazing product for Christmas presents since family and friends that got it before, were talking about how great and how healthy this alternative is to skin care!
They love the fact that is tinted and looks great plus has an amazing protection with no worries!

Carbon Neutral Order
Lindy N.

Carbon Neutral Order

Nice facial sunscreen

So far I really like this product. It doesn't cause breakouts and the tint blends well with my semi fair skin. It’s great to find a physical sunscreen with a high SPF. It is thick when first applied, but soaks in.

Exceeded expectations

Needed to upgrade to high quality reef save sunscreen because my skin was very unhappy and greasy from other products. I love how the Amavara sunscreen protects my face and it completely non greasy.

SPF 50 Tinted Lotion </br> with EarthWell Zinc Technology

Can’t live without it!

This stuff is amazing! Other sunscreens make my face feel oily, this one does not! It is not only super effective, but friendly with my acne, and makes my overall complexion look better when I wear it! I live in Maui so sunscreen is a must & I wear this product every day! Be careful when applying as it does stain clothing & towels.


I decided to try them and I’m loving it! Excellent product and I’m definitely buying more! 💯 recommended

**Love this sunscreen**

I highly recommend this product just to note it is on the thicker side I also use it in replacement of my foundation. Leaves my skin with a nice matted finish💖💖💖

SPF 50 Facestick

Facestick combined with SPF Sunblock will keep you in the water surfing for hours without burning.

Great Product

Started buying this sunscreen earlier this summer. Already went through one tube and am back for more. I use it every time I go out surfing and it's amazing! Stays on and doesn't sting the eyes.

great sunscreen

I really like this sunscreen. I have used the 50 spf stick and the 50 tinted and the 30. Living in Florida I need to be protected all day. So I start with my moisturizer and I mix some of the 50 tinted in it and use that as a foundation. When I go out in the pool in the afternoon I rub the stick all over my face and lips. Some days if it is cloudy, then I just use my moisturizer and mix some of the 30 spf in my foundation and use it that way. It is the best.

Easy to apply, and works! Leaves skin feeling surprisingly soft.

Best stuff

I’m a full time lifeguard w the city of San Diego, this is the only stuff I use. It protects and moisturizes skin and doesn’t feel extremely heavy when put on.

Highly Recommend

I live in Hawaii where there is no lack of sun. I am also an avid surfer and this sunscreen gives me outstanding protection. Love it!

The P.C.R. Face + Body Duo </br> with EarthWell Zinc Technology


Great coverage & a great replacement for makeup!
I am getting many compliments on my skin..


Not greasy, great tint, blends well, didn’t cause breakouts.. would be great if it was slightly more matte but happy with the purchase overall

Great product.

Great sunscreen. Would recommend.