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About us

Protect What You Love

Amavara aims to educate audiences on the ingredients and efficacy of sun protection, and how suncare products affects the eco system and aquatic life

Our Story

Nature gave us the answers

Our goal as a sunscreen company was to create socially responsible, broad spectrum sunscreen that does not use harmful chemicals, and is effective and safe for your family, and the environment. AMAVARA guarantees the sun protection and skin aesthetics to feel confident enough to stay active outdoors and embrace nature.

Innovation, eco protection and inclusivity are at the heart of Amavara’s formula; meticulously designed by world renowned chemist and sunscreen expert, Laura Singleton, and skin cancer survivor and entrepreneur, Craig Irving, to function with all skin types and skin tones, allowing everyone to achieve superior protection with ease.

Craig’s love for surfing, swimming, hiking, the outdoors combined with Laura’s unparalleled expertise in sun care and skin aesthetics informed the AMAVARA brand. We are so proud of the products we have developed, the commitment to an eco safe future, and a healthier you, inside and out.

Reef Safe.
Naturally sourced

Our only active ingredient is naturally sourced, non nano zinc-oxide. AMAVARA is Hawaii Reef Compliant (Act 104)​

Zinc Technology

Uniquely formulated to rub in silky, smooth and transparently with all skin tones even using a concentration of up to 22.5% Zinc Oxide ​

Safe for

Sensitive Skin

AMAVARA passed the Safety Test, on Sensitive Skin Panel of people. It is Non Comedogenic, Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist Recommended, safe for delicate, irritated, acne-prone or post-procedure skin. Gentle enough for children at 6 months old.

80 Min Water and Sweat

Our EarthWell Technology forms a physical barrier on your skin, using a patented film former to hold itself in place. Our formula can be be applied while wet​

Vegan and
Cruelty Free

Amavara products are produced in the USA and tested in compliance with the GMP standards of the FDA and EWG,ensuring that our brand offers safe and socially responsible products. We never have nor will test our products on animals​

No Harmful

The vast majority of sunscreens on the market today, however, are chemical sunscreens, potentially damaging to health and very damaging to the environment.


Our Fight

Big brand cheap, ineffective and toxic sunscreen chemicals

Big skincare brands choose to produce chemical sunscreen products because they are cheaper to produce and are typically easier to apply for daily use.It is estimated that more than 14 thousand tons of sunscreen enter the ocean each year and the toxic ingredients in most sunscreens are wrecking havoc on the world’s coral reefs. Reefs host the highest biodiversity of any ecosystem on the planet, and are home to over 25 percent of all marine life. The damage is not contained to the environment. Chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin, and penetrate living tissue. Many studies have raised concerns about endocrine-disrupting effects, that may increase the risk of breast cancer and endometriosis. These chemicals have also been shown to block the effects of testosterone in cellular studies. They have been found in breast milk and blood plasma samples.


Patented EarthWell Zinc Technology

Zinc Oxide is a naturally occurring mineral that is considered Broad Spectrum due to its ability to block the sun’s UVA and UVB radiation from being absorbed into your skin. Zinc, in non nano form, cannot be absorbed into the skin or other living tissue. It rests on top of the skin, creating a physical barrier. If it comes in contact with reefs and aquatic life, it cannot be absorbed to cause damage, and instead settles to the bottom of the ocean as particulate matter. Amavara’s only active ingredient and UV filter is naturally sourced Non Nano Zinc oxide.