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Special Components


Introducing Amavara’s patented formula made with EarthWell Zinc Technology.

Our cutting edge EarthWell® Zinc Technology offers an elite performance Broad Spectrum mineral sunscreen, and also shields against environmental pollution and aggressive conditions such as extreme heat, cold and wind burn, while meeting Clean Beauty standards and our commitment to maintain and protect the environment.

Reef Safe.
Naturally sourced

A 100% Naturally Sourced, transparent non- nano Zinc Oxide, as the single sunscreen active and UV filter. AMAVARA is Hawaii Reef Safe Compliant (Act 104).


Uniquely formulated to transparent rub in silky, smooth and transparent, with ALL skin tones even with concentration of up to 22.5% Zinc Oxide.

Enhanced Natural Defense

Amavara is formulated to enhance the skin’s natural defense mechanism, TEWL ( transepidermal water lost), using a derivative from Linseed Oil.

Linseed Oil is a natural film former (biopolymer) that moisturizes and protects the natural skin barrier. It is used in oil paintings ( picture the top shiny coat), that last centuries against environmental aggressors.

Anti Inflammatory

Formulated with the natural extract of Ginger Root and a nature identical ingredient from Chamomile, Bisabolol, that helps to reduce skin redness and inflammation associated with exposure to sun and environmental aggressors.

Light Deflecting Technology

AMAVARA, upon application, helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age-spots and other skin imperfections, due to the additional synergistic Light Deflecting Technology that uses light blurring and diffusing ingredients.


Protection against environmental pollutants like smog, cigarette, particles matter (2.5 PM) exhausts etc. This was achieved by formulating with SymUrban, a patented technology innovation that neutralizes the effects of particles matter (PM) caused by pollution; and works as an advanced cellular level shield against sun and pollution induced aging.

Superior performance and protection