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At last, a sunscreen company has created an all mineral sunscreen with the aesthetics of the best luxury skincare lines. Recently rated the Number 1 tinted mineral sunscreen in the world*, Amavara was painstakingly developed over the course of four years by world renowned chemist and sunscreen expert, Laura Singleton and skin cancer survivor and entrepreneur, Craig Irving.

The Goal: To create a socially responsible, broad spectrum sunscreen with no harmful chemicals that would be effective, safe for the entire family and safe for the environment.

The Result: Amavara, whose only active ingredient is non-nano zinc oxide, has unparalleled aesthetics, absorbs translucent (not pasty white) and is protective to you and the planet. The application is also lightweight and non-greasy, leaving your hands dry after application.

The Reality: No one seriously disputes the need for broad spectrum sunscreens, which reduce the risks of skin cancer, the effects of aging and help to prevent sunburn. The vast majority of sunscreens on the market today, however, are chemical sunscreens, potentially damaging to health and very damaging to the environment.

Some facts about Chemical Sunscreens

  • Chemical sunscreens work like a sponge. They are absorbed into the skin, and penetrate living tissues. Chemical sunscreens can actually be measured in blood and even breast milk samples.
  • Chemical sunscreens are destroying the world's coral reefs, which host the highest biodiversity of any ecosystem on the planet and are home to over 25 percent of all marine life. It is estimated that more than 14 thousand tons of sunscreen enter the ocean each year.
  • Due to the damage caused to our planet (and our health!) by chemical sunscreens, Hawaii recently became the first state to ban (effective 2021) chemical sunscreens, and many other states will follow suit. The FDA is also evaluating new regulations concerning sunscreen.
Why, then, would a company make a chemical sunscreen which presents potential hazards TO OUR health and the environment?

The answer is two-fold:

First: Chemical sunscreens are far cheaper to produce.
Second: It is much easier to produce an aesthetically pleasing chemical sunscreen which does not leave a white, pasty look.

Amavara solves all of these problems and delivers much more. This is what makes it the world's finest sunscreen.

  • Its only active ingredient is naturally sourced zinc oxide, a mineral that is safe for your family and safe for the environment, protecting the planet's oceans. (We use the same zinc oxide that is used to treat skin rashes, including diaper rash).
  • Amavara packaging is also made from post consumer recycled plastic. The sunscreen is dermatologist and pediatrician recommended, and provides broad spectrum protection from UVA/UVB, Infrared and thermal rays, as well as extreme environmental conditions like heat, cold and wind.
  • It has the highest allowable water resistance rating of 80 minutes, and can be applied to wet or sweaty skin without running into eyes or wearing off.
  • It is hypoallergenic, non-irritating to the skin, cruelty free, lightweight, transparent, provides skin conditioning and can be worn with or without makeup.

Protect yourself and the planet. Use Amavara.


Craig Irving – Co-Founder of Amavara

A fair-skinned native San Diegan, Craig spent most of his 57 years at the beach. He has been an avid surfer and waterman since the age of 8, and over the last 10 years, he has been paying the price for decades of unprotected sun exposure. Craig has dealt with multiple skin cancer procedures, and as a father of five outdoor sports enthusiast children, he is committed to help protect his children from similar sun damage. Unhappy and unsatisfied with the performance, minimal protection and harmful chemical ingredients of most products on the market, he invested significant time seeking out a better product…. yet none existed.

Laura C. Singleton – Co-Founder and Formulator, Amavara®

A nationally recognized expert in Sun Care and Skincare formulations, Laura brings over 30 years of extensive expertise in product development and is responsible for the development of several multi-million dollar projects for Johnson & Johnson/Neutrogena, Gillette/Jafra and Nivea. As a recognized expert, Laura is the author of Global Sun Care Curriculum including classroom and handouts on training to promote and enhance formulation expertise and manufacturing process of emerging scientists within Sun Care. Laura’s “Formulating Recreational Sunscreen Program” was taught at Johnson & Johnson Worldwide.