What do you get when a Navy SEAL and a world class chemist join forces to create the world’s best mineral sunscreen?

Amavara’s story is certainly unique, and the technology that came from two professionals who were unwilling to release anything but the BEST possible product is no different.
For years, experts have known that mineral sunscreens, especially those formulated with zinc-oxide, were by far the safest and most protective on the market. So how is it that harmful, chemical sunscreens became so popular when a more natural solution was known to exist? Aside from lots of money and clever marketing campaigns, a big reason was that mineral sunscreens had inferior aesthetics. Simply put – no one wanted to wear them.
So when our Founder, Nick, met our Formulator, Laura, he told her that he wanted the impossible: A zinc-oxide mineral sunscreen that is safe for the entire family and the environment. A formula that goes on transparent, smooth, light and powdery. No greasy feel. No pasty white mess.
After nearly 4 years of formulation and testing, Laura has cracked the code with our patented EarthWell Zinc Technology! Finally, a sunscreen product with the protective power of zinc and the aesthetics of a luxury skincare line. All of the good, none of the bad.

Welcome to the future of skincare.