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"Hands down the best sunscreen I've ever used. During the 2019 WSL Jaws Contest I applied Amavara SPF 50 Tinted sunscreen at sunrise and spent over 11 hours in the water until sunset without having to reapply, which is important because there isn't time. I never burned and I like that it makes my grip dry, not greasy like other sunscreens so I can handle my jet ski under extreme conditions."

- Scott Eggers - Water Safety Manager, World Surf League Big Wave Tour



"I’ve been at this game for well over 50 years and I’ve seen and experienced a lot of things. Having fried my body over all those years much damage has been done. Now there is Amavara! A sun protection cream unlike anything I’ve ever used. Goes on clean and dry with incredible staying power. I use it on my entire head and the tops of my hands. It blocks most everything out that the sun throws at me. To get it off I have to thoroughly use a good amount of soap and water and that’s not a bad thing. Flat out the best sun care product I’ve ever used."

- Bird Huffman - Owner, Bird's Surf Shed Ocean Beach, CA @birdssurfshed



"We absolutely love Amavara sunscreen. As a beach obsessed, skimboarding family in sunny Florida it’s imperative that we use sunscreen daily. When choosing a product we look for two things: First, are the ingredients easy to understand because we have a few allergies. Second, is it safe for our oceans and reefs. Amavara meets both of these and has been our go to product for the last year! "

- Mia - Skimboarder @beachsuncurls



"I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere in northern California. I am currently living on the Big Island, Hawaii. I am a woodworker, jeweler, esthetician, and ocean dweller. My love for living in the sun and near the ocean, coupled with working in ecotourism, has fueled my research into skincare lines that not only protect your skin but as well protect the environment. Growing up in Northern California, I did not have the tools or knowledge to grasp the adverse effects of chemical sunscreen and the multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry. I am lucky to now have the tools to educate and encourage others to protect our Oceans, their health, and wallets. These realizations are what fueled my decision to become an Esthetician. I am endlessly testing products, and finally, the frustration is over! Amavara (a broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen that checks all the boxes) embodies the grassroots movement and is committed to transparency and overall quality.

I am proud to work alongside Amavara in the shift towards protecting what we love and educating as many people as we can!"

- Zoey Kemp - Esthetician & Ocean Dweller @pepp.nips



"Amavara is by far my new favorite sunscreen. I always use natural, reef friendly products, but they aren't always the best on the skin. Amavara goes on smooth and silky and dries perfectly, so it doesn't wipe off or feel greasy. I am so glad to have found it! And yes, I am ready to re-order and stock up so I don't ever run out."

Leilani O.   

"I ordered this as a stocking stuffer for my husband who surfs on a regular basis and he raves about it still! He loves the ecological factor and said this is actually the best sunscreen he's used - the application is smooth, easy to rub in, doesn't feel sticky or stay white on his face."

Kristi E.   

"We wear a LOT of sunscreen and I am super picky. This sunscreen is by far my favorite to date. It is super light and does not leave your face feeling greasy at all. The color of the tinted is really beautiful. I will be living in this stuff and feel good knowing it's not harming me, my kids, or our ocean."

Amazon Customer