A life of monotony is the only thing that scares Kimi Werner.
Perhaps that is what draws Kimi so intensely to nature. Nature has no schedule and no repetition. Every experience is as unique as the last, and the more you try to control your surroundings, the more you will find yourself being humbled. But when you truly embrace nature and realize that the struggles are just as much a part of the journey as the smiles, you may find yourself exactly where you belong.
Kimi once said that “as long as we have nature and family, we have enough.” At Amavara, our family is made up of those people who love, challenge, support and encourage the best in each of us. The Werner family and their community understood that if you take care of your surroundings, nature can truly provide all that you need. We love that, to this day, Kimi's family continues to shape so much of who she has become. Her father introduced her to the ocean at a very young age. He taught her how to work humbly and confidently within the food chain, taking only what she needed. Her mother taught her to be strong, kind, and respectful. These attributes have manifested themselves in the way she shares her point of view: Thoughtful. Fierce. Reflective.

Truth and authenticity have anchored Kimi’s platform as a foundation that allows her to speak on behalf of so many quality brands and organizations. When Amavara met Kimi, we approached her seeking that very truth. What do you like? What can we do better? We knew she would tell us the truth and wouldn’t sugar coat it. We are forever grateful that we asked. Thank you, Kimi, for always doing it your way, and welcome to our family.


Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic is derived from an end product, such as a clear water bottle, that has completed its life-cycle as a consumer item and would have otherwise been disposed of as a solid waste product. PCR plastics include plastics that have been collected in commercial and residential recycling programs. Essentially, PCR is taking existing plastics both recycled and virgin, and upcycling (repurposing) them into our sunscreen tubes. This process uses 50-60% less energy than creating new or virgin plastic. Amavara’s commitment is to explore every technological advancement in packaging solutions and work with our network and team of advisors to implement appropriate changes as they become available. Working with Kimi has challenged us to evaluate not only the things we do well, but to always consider how we can do better.

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