For Kyle Foyle, protecting the things he loves is a full time job.

Whether it's 6am self-defense classes, keeping watch over the North Shore of Oahu, passing his knowledge to the next generation, or enjoying family time in the blue waters that surround his home, he is a respected and recognizable presence in this tight knit community. His active lifestyle and role as a father allowed him to provide us with unique insights and feedback while we developed the best suncare possible.

Our continued partnership with the North Shore Lifeguard Association (NSLA) and the Jr. Lifeguard Program will forever be our roots and our true source of inspiration. Through our joined efforts to protect the people and environments that we love, we can achieve greatness. We are humbled to call these heroes our friends.

Special thank you to Kyle, Tiff, & Bear Foyle for making us a part of your family. And of course, the entire NSLA and Zoard for your support in helping these projects come to life. We look forward to sharing more about what makes you all so special.


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