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Amavara® Elite is our enhanced and patented SPF 50 Tinted sunscreen formula.  It is our 3 in 1 hero product tube to replace your chemical SPF, tinted moisturizer and makeup primer, through all seasons. 

Developed as a cosmetic and anti aging solution, Amavara Elite offers the most advanced technology available in a single product. It uses Non nano Zinc Oxide for protection, the Iron Oxide tint for subtle skin tone correction, and Light Deflecting technology to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age-spots and other skin imperfections. Add this tinted SPF lotion to your morning routine to improve the appearance of your skin, prevent UV damage and to stay protected in all elements. 

It blends with all skin tones, and the same dry touch and velvet finish upon application.

Formulated with one active ingredient - high concentration of non-nano zinc oxide (22.5%). We are the standard for premium mineral zinc sunscreen.

Reef Safe.
Naturally sourced

Zinc Technology

Safe for 

Sensitive Skin

Water and Sweat

Vegan and
Cruelty Free

Your personal natural protection


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joel R.

This product is truly incredible.

Sarah S.

No white cast and I love the finish. I am sensitive to the chemical spfs and this is calming and hydrating and does not make my eyes burn. I love both the tinted lotion and sensitive skin versions of your mineral spf
and I tell everyone about it.

My absolute favorite sunblock

Its the only "makeup" I wear, it's safe for me and the planet. I love the non-nano zinc! It works very well at keeping my sun sensitive skin condition under control, doesn't cause breakouts.... I wear it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. If this company goes out of business I don't know what I will do! Haha!

My favorite

I found amavara a couple of years ago doing some research on sunscreens for my type of skin…I’m a surfer from the caribbean and I need something that at least doesn’t make my face break out like crazy. So found through a vlog and gave it a chance.

Reasons why I love..
it last a long time…sometimes I feel like I’m gonna be super burnt because I was out at noon for a long time, but no. And my face doesn’t feel súper dry after.
I do get clogged pores once in a while but I think thats normal and it’s not acne like other sunscreen gave me.
Random plus is that it works like a makeup base without making you look like a clown like other brands do >_<
And once it’s dry it doesn’t stain my bathing suits(like other brands do)
Long story short…I recommend!

Subtle yet effective

I apply this over my moisturizer and wear it all day. Amavara is my go to sunblock for surf days and tropical vacations. The only problem is my friends love it too, so I have to bring extra when I travel, lol.